Architecture can be defined as the act of creating design of building with esthetic effect by considering various environmental facts. Architect is person who creates the new design for the building. Almost everyone hire an architect to bring out their dream ideas into a structural form that is spoken beyond ones imagination.

It is fact that many believe the architecture is high end work of art implemented in the building and it is pursued only by “Rich People”. People don’t know that even less expensive good design will speak for itself. An architect can bring out the needs of his client into his design within the budget.

The term architect derives from “ architectus” a Latin word which was in turn derived from Greek word “ arkhitekton” which means chief builder. Vitruvius is the man in history who insisted three main qualities of architecture – Durability, usefulness and beauty. Humans inspired and imitated on how animals and birds build their nests and that was how the house and many building came out. As man became more and more knowledgeable he created master pieces. He started using Steel, glass and other new material to build his shelter which protected better from nature’s elements.

Golden Ratio

Leonardo da Vinci insisted that building should be build based on the proportion of the human body. Every part of the nature has a ratio with which it is build; it is called as Golden ratio ie equal to 1.618. His famous painting “Mono Lisa” has this golden ration implemented by him.

Mathematically defining, two quantities are in the golden ratio if the ratio between the sum of those quantities and the larger one is the same as the ratio between the larger one and the smaller. It is denoted by Greek symbol Phi.

This could be found in many plants, take a look at a sunflower you will find that its opposing spirals come in one of the following ratios: 55:34, 89:55, or 144:89 which equal to 1.618. Every human has two hands, each one of these has five fingers, and each finger has three parts which are separated by two knuckles. All of these numbers fit into the Fibonacci sequence that follows the golden ratio. Ancient buildings by Egyptian, Greeks, and Romans also had this golden ratio; Parthenon and Pyramid are well known examples. Another interesting fact is that even you credit card has this golden ratio rectangle.

The architects are now implementing many new features that conserve energy and other resources. Architect across the globe are now very consciously creating their design to implement Green buildings. It is also advisable that they should also understand golden ratio better and try to implement in their design which will bring harmony to occupants.