Green Buildings Open House is the largest event dedicated to sustainable energy in the northeastern USA. It is organized by the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA). Green Building Open House is annually held on the first Saturday of October.

The Primary goal of this event is to showcase energy efficiency and renewable energy features in buildings within NESEA’s 10-state territory. This event will connect consumers with the industrial professional, who will be educating about the various green building products and services available to retrofit current buildings and construct new buildings that features energy efficiency and on-site power generation.

This event is organized by NESEA in conjunction with the American Solar Energy Society’s National Solar Tour, which allows the public to learn how to incorporate the energy efficient and sustainable elements in the buildings and help them to reduce cost incurred by the heating systems. This event exemplifies that life style, comfort, and attractive architecture are not sacrificed by utilizing energy efficient features.

The Green Buildings Open House is inviting public to visit sustainable, energy efficient homes and other advanced buildings throughout New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and New England. Last year, thousands of people visited more than 600 sustainable buildings which include homes, schools, churches, public buildings and other nature centre from Pennsylvania to Maine to learn how to reduce carbon footprints and to use sustainable materials to save energy and money.

Once again the NESEA is inviting new site to join the extensive list of green buildings of those welcoming the public on October 3 from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. David Barclay, Executive Director of NESEA said “We are thrilled about the number of host sites returning to participate in the Green Buildings Open House tour, a sure sign that they enjoyed being part of the tour last year and educating the public about their sustainable buildings. I would like to extend an invitation for new hosts who share pride in owning a sustainable and energy-efficient building to join the tour and help the public learn how they, too, can reduce energy consumption”.

To qualify as host site it can have the features like use of photovoltaic panels, geothermal heat pump, and wind turbines for energy production. Building should use energy efficient glass products, appliances, passive solar heating or solar hot water collection and storage. Building constructed with green material and recycled glass; wood materials are also qualified to participate.

To register your site for Green Buildings Open House, please visit the NESEA website at Registration ends on September 1, 2009.