Green Roof for healthy cities with the greatest mission of creating awareness about the economic, social and environmental benefits of the green roofs and green walls running successfully without looking for the profit. To emphasis the necessity of the green buildings constructed with help of renewable resources like glass and to increase the quality of the green buildings and the green building professionals, Green roofs for Healthy cities has created a new green building accreditation process.

The goal behind this process is to emerge many green roof professionals with high quality and to construct lots and lots of sustainable buildings. Thus this accreditation process includes Green Roof Professional (GRP) accreditation program, which in turns consists of several courses and training in different cities across the United States. After completion of these courses, the professionals must pass an exam for receiving the GRP accreditation.

The spark for this cheering program rose in the first conference of the Green Roofs for Healthy cities, held at Chicago in 2003. After that a team with dedicated members was organized. This team mainly focused on creating the accreditation program. As a part of the accreditation program, the team defined the objectives of the accreditation program, created the occupational standards and developed the Green Roof Professional exam.

Courses offered

Currently GRP accreditation process offers some courses which include Design 101 Introduction Course, Design and Installation 201, Waterproofing and Drainage 301, Plants and Growing Media 401, and a green walls 101 course.

Objectives of Accreditation:

Accreditation helps the professionals to differentiate themselves in the market. It brings a high-level of professionalism and thus increasing the customer confidence in the green roof technology. Accreditation helps the industries from the inevitable failures that results because of the inappropriate design, installation and maintenance practices.

GRP accreditation verifies whether an individual has attended the level of interdisciplinary knowledge of best practices associated with the successful design, installation and maintenance of green roof systems. In July 2009, after the successful completion of their courses, the very first group of 127 professionals proudly received their GRP accreditation.

Meg Needle

megAmong this first group of 127 individuals, Meg Needle, an associate from Lord, Aeck & Sargent earned the designation as an accredited Green Roof Professional from the Green Roof for Healthy cities (GRHC) on 23rd July 2009. Needle is a LEED accredited professional and also a member of the American Institute of Architects, who has successfully completed a GRP multi-disciplinary exam surrounding five areas of concentration including pre-design, design, contract management, quality assurance and support and maintenance.

Meg Needle is an Atlanta-based architect and she has worked on numerous green roof projects. Among those projects green roof system at the Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage center, the southface Eco office, the Blue Ridge Parkway Destination center and the tree house at Camp Twin Lakes carries significant importance. At present she is working with a green roof project, Georgia Gwinette college study center.