earthNowadays many nations in the world turned their attention towards the concept of green buildings, energy efficiency, sustainable and renewable resources. Many corporate organizations, government buildings and even the educational institutions started to take many steps to make the earth a greener place. On 29th July, 2009 – Among 20 finalists Corvallis high school in Corvallis, Oregon has earned the name “America’s most eco-friendly school” in the walmart’s “Earth Day Every Day School Challenge” after a very sticky competition.

Corvallis was one of the 20 finalist schools, nominated for the title of America’s most eco-friendly school. These 2o finalist schools were selected by three independent judges. They analyzed totally 439 qualified essays, which describes the efforts taken by the schools to make the earth greener by supporting the energy efficiency to select those 20 finalists. Then the entire 20 finalist submitted a short video, to present their environmental activities that they described in their essays. All those essays and the video presentations were posted at the website namely from June 9th to June 19th.

Americans were requested to pool their votes for the school that they believed should be awarded the title as well as the $20,000 grand cash prize. Tremendously, during those ten days of voting period, more than 22,000 votes were cast. Five schools who occupied the first five places by the vote ratings are Corvallis high school (Corvallis, Oregon), East Burke high school (Connelly springs, N.C.), Maple Avenue elementary school (Claremont, N.H.), Beverly Elementary school (Beverly Hills, Mich.) and Old trail school (Bath, Ohio).

CorvalisHighSchoolIn those five schools, Corvallis high school who had received the large number of votes was awarded the great title of America’s most eco friendly school with the cash prize. The officials of the Corvallis high school said that their school consumes 30 percent less energy when comparing to the other schools built in Oregon code. And they said that they are going to install the solar panel on the roof of the buildings. Officials hope that this installation will definitely reduce the consumption further.

Recycling is essay accessible throughout the school and it is managed by the leadership class. Additionally, a group of students are working to pair recycle bins with garbage cans in the Corvallis downtown area. The school is certified with the LEED silver rating.

This year, a group of students traveled to the national power shift environmental conference in Washington D.C. Students are also working with the Oregon state university to organize various environmental camps to create the knowledge about the green buildings. This school also offers environmentally focused classes, which includes Economics of Conscious Consumption, AP Biology with a bio-diesel capstone project, Political Actions Workshop and AP Environmental Science.

The green club of the schools organizes a campaign to create awareness about the effects of enormous amount of carbon emission and to encourage the students to use carbon-neutral transportation by offering incentives to bike or walk to school. These are the few reasons for what this school was chosen for this grand title and for the grand prize of $20,000. This cash amount was provided by Walmart for the future environmental efforts of the school. A teacher who entered into the challenge on behalf of the Corvallis high school said that the award of $20,000 is a huge affirmation to the students, staffs and to the Corvallis community.

Walmart also recognized all other finalist schools by awarding a cash prize of $500 for each school. This can be used to buy the items that will helps to enhance the environmental friendly and energy efficient activities.