1007energystar21Drastically, many buildings with the great alertness of sustainability, energy efficiency and green building necesscity and also with a consciousness to minimize the global warming started to recognize themselves with a great list of eco-friendly features. In such a manner, PepsiCo’s Chicago downtown corporate plaza also implemented various energy efficient initiatives and upgrades for the conservation energy to a maximum extent. As a result of those implementations, it earned an Energy Star certification – a national mark of excellence in energy performance. Energy Star is an international standard for energy efficient consumer’s products and projects, created by United States Environmental Protection Agency.

PepsiCo’s Chicago Plaza was built in the year 2002. This 17-story sparkling plaza already earned a LEED certification for Existing Building Silver Certification from USGBC. This company was also awarded with the 2009 Energy Star Sustained Excellence Award by the U.S. EPA. PepsiCo Chicago Plaza had taken various of steps to minimize their energy consumption. This plaza successfully achieved its goals with the help of its employee “Green Team.”  

Especially, all conference rooms and the offices of this plaza are installed with motion sensors, which automatically turn the lights off when there are no foot prints or when they are not occupied. Old components of the HVAC systems are replaced with the energy efficient equipments. The roof top of the sustainability center is installed with solar and wind power generating equipments. These save the electrical energy to a greater extent. Also, the Green Team keeps its employees to be aware of the daily energy usage through the employee-nominated floor leaders.

Contests are being conducted for every month between all the floors of the plaza regarding the waste reduction and finally the names of the winners and losers are announced internally. A very beneficial recycling program was also started that aims to recycle all the recyclable glass, paper, plastic, cardboard, batteries, printer/fax cartridges, light bulbs and so on taken from the refuse bins of the plaza.  This effort lands in recycling and reusing Chicago Plaza’s 70 percent solid waste instead of being dispatched into the municipal landfills.

Even all the janitorial products are also replaced with the alternate products, which meets the USGBC’s sustainable green building products and materials standard. This plaza satisfies all the categories of the energy efficiency such as sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, material and resource and indoor environmental quality.