Increasingly, many fraternities in various fields started to go green to provide at most satisfaction to their customers with an eco-friendly environment. While spelling the Word Hotel, it will definitely direct us to very hi-fi and fabulous hotels with luxuries rooms, good-looking swimming pool, and play ground with best facilities, along with a great view on surrounding natural environment. Fortunately, hotels are also turning green not only to benefits their customers and to protect the planet earth but also to cut cost by saving energy and by incorporating various recycling techniques. Let us see few of the leading environmentally friendly hotels.

Hotel Triton

tritonHotel Triton located at San Francisco, CA, United States presents a unique décor that catches our eyes instantaneously. Notably, Hotel triton includes non-toxic cleaners as cleaning agents replacing bleach and ammonia based products, low VOC paints instead of other normal paints and solvents, and energy-efficient lightings. Incandescent lighting in the desk is substituted with the Halogen, a 70 watt advantage bulb. Triton transformed the water fixtures to lo-flow. The usage of linen and towels reuse reduces the laundry detergent and water usage by 25 percent.

This hotel has water saving devices, water filtration systems and air filters and purifiers and also uses the motion sensors wherever possible. They also provide an offer of 25 percent off for the valet parking for the hybrid certified vehicles. Air conditioning and the in-room mini bars are replaced with energy efficient models. They make use of the FSC-certified wood floors and overhead fans in all rooms to avoid the air-conditioning at nights, thus saves the electricity.  

Recycling process

The recycling process carrying out by the hotel triton recycles 60 percent of the total wastes of the building. Even the every piece of paper from the room napkins to the bills are made up of recycled materials. Office papers are printed on both sides and 100 percent recycled along with recycle toners. They use the internet-based reports to minimize the usage of papers.

Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge

sadie2Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge sited inside the Alaska’s Kachemak Bay State Park, North America. It is one of the top ten hotels in North America. Pleasantly, this lodge isolates itself from the polluted atmosphere by placing it in a non-polluted purest background with crystal clear mountains, tall water falls, giant trees, organic gardening and spring water, which is seems to the most delicious, well oxygenated and freshest natural water which we had never drank before.

The lodges are built by hands from scavenged driftwood and the hotel supplies its own kayaks and finishing gear to the lodgers with free of cost. This lodge generates the electricity needed for its very own use. “Nothing is wasted here and everything is of use” is the wonderful phrase echoed by this Sadie Cove Lodge. Even the milk bugs are reused as the flower pots and the things which cannot be reused will go to the recycle bins. This lodge provides organic food grown by its own to its lodgers.

Sadie Cove Lodge makes use of an alternate energy system of wind and hydro power. This non-polluting system is made up of pelton and it also adds the water wheel, a wind charger and a battery bank. Solar panels are also taken into consideration whenever needed.

The Fairmont

fair2The Fairmont, Washington, D.C, a sunlit urban oasis made many upgrades by including low-flow shower heads, digital thermostat, natural and healthy choice of restaurants food products and courtyard herb garden for local restaurant flavoring and so on. Eco-friendly hydrocarbon-powered dry cleaning machine and energy saving ovens are used in the hotel’s main and pastry kitchens. They use low wattage compact fluorescent light bulbs thus reducing the annual electricity cost up to $61,000 and preventing the emission 320,000 pounds carbon dioxide.

Fairmont uses wind power from wind farms located in the mid-Atlantic region for the ten percent of the total energy required. Fairmont provides green amenities such as organic wine to its visitors. Fairmont is going to install a new honey program in its rooftop, giving way for 105,000 Italian honey bees to their rooftops. This program is expected to yield 300 pounds of honey within the one year that can be use in soups, dressing salads, ice creams and so on.

Inn By The Sea

InbytheseaInn By The Sea, a glass-enclosed restaurant is located on the Crescent Beach in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. It is awarded as a “Green Lodging” by the Maine DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) and one of the top 100 hotels in US and Canada by travel and Leisure, and also one of the top 10green hotels in the US by Forbes Traveler. Rooms of the Inn By The Sea are cleaned with non-toxic green seal products and the fitness rooms contains the recycled rubber floors and the pool is heated by the solar panels.

Inn By The Sea recycle and reuse the paper products used by its consumers. The spa of this restaurant recycles the sheet rock walls and bamboo towels and they use the bio-fuel for heating. It comprises dual flush toilets and LED lights. 

Asheville Green Cottage

AshevilleAsheville Green Cottage, North Carolina is a part of 15 unit green home community in West Asheville. It highlighted features are solar hot water, radiant heated floors, and healthy build silver certification. It also consists of energy-efficient rated windows, skylights, natural day lightings, triple-pane windows, wood doors, compact energy fluorescent bulbs, Energy star kitchens appliances Halogen and LED bulbs, Non-IC rated Recessed. Anti-stratification system, heat pumps, air source are provided for space heating and Energy Star Whole House Fans are provided for space cooling. This cottage gives a PVC environment.