olive-8-condoEmerging or the budding buildings started to imbibe various energy efficient and green features in its construction, which will definitely be a cornerstone for its popularity and also a greatest measure to cut the cost incurred for the energy usage. Olive 8 building includes itself in the list of the green buildings by enclosing plenty of eco-friendly features.

This striking building has also officially earned the LEED silver Certification by the USGBC and moreover this the first time that the hotel/condominium building to receive the LEED silver certification. The olive 8 hotel is also one of the 20 green hotels in the U.S. Let us sail through the different construction features of this building.

Olive 8

Olive 8, fairly known as Hyatt at Olive 8 is located at Downtown Seattle, Seattle, Washington. The very luxuriate Olive 8 is a 39-storey building playing a dual role of hotel and condominium. Olive 8 contains 346 rooms in its first 17 floors and the rest of the 22 floors are occupied by 229 urban condos. This Olive 8 building was planned and designed by R.C. Hedreen Company. Mr. Hedreen aimed to make this building to achieve the LEED certification. Keeping this in mind, he redesigned the old plan of this Olive 8. At last he deserved it by giving a fabulous healthy and wealthy indoor environment to live and work.


olive81The façade of the Olive 8 is a 100 percent glass exterior with blue architectural glass. The glass façade and the windows from floor to ceiling allow the abundant natural light to flood inside the building. Thus saving the energy used for artificial lightings. Triple-paned glass and a special coating on the exterior protect the excessive heating to the interiors.



The roof top of this building is one of the largest living rooftop in Seattle city. The roof is planted with native plant materials and traditional roofing material, is the greatest highlight. These plants on the roof reduce the amount of heating and cooling. The high island effect is reduced by a high performance ultra reflective surface membrane on the rooftop. It also decreases the amount of rain water flooding the storm sewers by absorbing and retaining the water in their roots and in the soil.

Energy conservation

Olive 8 is expected to save 23 percent of energy more comparing to the other conventional building of similar size. All rooms of the Olive 8 are equipped with watt stopper ® technology that automatically turns the lights off when there is no foot prints. Olive 8 avoided volatile organic compounds by using low or no-VOC paints, solvents and carpeting. All the cleaning products are low-VOC and 100 percent toxic free. Washers, Dishwashers and refrigerators or Freezers are Energy Star® rated.

Water conservation

It also saves 36 percent of water, which is nearly equal to 2.4 gallon per year. It includes low-flowing plumbing fixtures, uses one gallon per minutes which is really less when compared to the traditional shower heads. Toilets and urinals use dual-flush system that saves 29 percent less water per flush. Additionally super efficient irrigation system tends the landscaping maintenance to use minimal city water and results in the 99 percent water savings, which is approximately equal to 24,000 gallons of water per year. A very low-chemical mechanical water system is used, which uses very less potable water.

Seattle Steam Company, which is providing the heating for the building, will reduce the carbon foot prints up to 50 percent by using biomass as fuel instead of natural gases. Olive 8 give more preference to the highly fuel-efficient vehicles in the parking area and outlets for electric cars in the underground parking area. Mostly, 95 percent of the construction debris is diverted from the landfills disposal by directing materials to be reused and recycled.  

These above mentioned features led this building towards the LEED certification. The LEED silver certification signifies the building’s environmental leadership in the industry, both locally and nationally.