The Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID) is the apex body for the field of Interior Design in India. The IIID was founded and registered as a society in 1972 to establish good professional and trade practices and ethics among its members, highlight and enhance the image of the Interior Design Profession and create a platform for knowledge sharing with similar organizations at an international level.

Today it comprises of over 5500 members spread across the country, and has 21 Chapters / Centres. The IIID is a non-profit, professional body whose members include leading Interior Designers, Architects, Consultants, Engineers, Project Management Consultants (PMC), Design Students, System Integrators, Artists, Painters, Facility Managers, Industry Members, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Vendors, Contractors, Turnkey Solution Providers and so on. All these entities are affiliated to the field of Interior Design, Architecture and other related fields.

The IIID is headquartered in Mumbai and is a Full Member of:

  • International Federation of Interior Architects / Designers (IFI)
  • Asia Pacific Space Designers Association (APSDA)

It is also an Associate Member of the Japan Design Foundation (JDF).


The Mission of the IIID is to consolidate and extend contributions from the Interior Design Profession towards improving the quality of life in contemporary and future societies by sharing knowledge, expertise and experience.


The IIID has a multi category membership with the Associate/Fellow and Trade categories forming the core of the Institute. The other categories include Affiliate, Education, Licentiate, Student, Press and Honorary Members.

In order to accomplish the mission and objectives it has set for itself, the IIID has established a two-tier hierarchy to maintain close contact with its members spread over its chapters and centres. An Executive Committee at the Head Quarters in Mumbai and a Managing Committee at each Chapter / Centre is elected biannually from among the core members.

The President heads the Executive Committee at the national level and a Chairman heads each of the Managing Committees at the Chapters/Centres. New Chapters/Centres are established depending upon the membership strength in the city or state. Presently Chapters are formed where core membership stands at a minimum of 130.

Member Services

  • Encourage and foster ideas of the profession
  • Facilitate liaison between members and authorities
  • Promote fellowship and ethical conduct
  • Act for the common benefit of members
  • Advocate common interests of members


The IIID has planned to undertake the following activities during the term 2008-2010

  1. Make their presence felt in society by opening Design Cells to provide professional services by giving design inputs to Government. projects and Local Authorities.
  2. Provision of an online forum on the IIID website for both experts and laypersons to post their queries or appreciate products/practices.
  3. Organisation of a syndicated column providing regular insight into Design Practices.
  4. Creation of a bridge between rural artisans & designers, by opening a Design Centre, which would promote handicrafts and showcase skills of artisans.
  5. Setup of interactive sessions with corporations/experts with the intention of providing members a re-learning experience on products/practices.

Networking & Collaboration

  • The IIID communicates and cooperates with similar bodies at the national and international levels.
  • It also encourages cooperation between designers, affiliated professions, other artists and traders.

IIID believes in collaborating with institutes of affiliated professions, such as The Indian Institute of Architects, Practicing Architects & Engineers Association and so on. IIID also has a close liaison with the Council of Architects in New Delhi


IIID has worked out a comprehensive syllabus on education in Interior Design which is available for adoption by educational institutes. The syllabus will be periodically updated in line with developments both in educational systems and interior design trends.


IIID publishes a quarterly magazine – INSITE, a “walk through” its various national and regional activities and events. INSITE now includes sections that contribute to the continuing education of its members by updates on technology and associated services, and features examples of good design practices from around the country.


IIID promotes and acknowledges excellence in Interior Design by conducting an annual competition for completed works at a National level. Held at different cities and venues each year, the Awards Nite is a much talked about and featured event of the Institute.


‘Showcase’ – the very name, which is synonymous with the work – An exhibition’ of latest products and trends in the profession. Showcase is hosted by each of the various Chapters/Centres of the IIID.


The biannual National Convention gathers members to deliberate on issues of contemporary interest to members, ranging from good practices and principles to social responsibility and technological advancements in design. The panache with which the Convention is organized and administered speaks of the high standards set by the IIID and its mission.


IIID invites sponsorship based on specified guidelines for special projects or events of the institute which mutually benefit its members as well as sponsors. Sponsorship could be specifically designed to suit sponsors, budgets and themes. Sponsorship on a long term basis is also available for specific activities.


The IIID is actively involved with The International Federation of Interior Architects & Designers (IFI) which was founded in Denmark in 1963. During the IFI’s existence there has been tremendous growth in IIID membership, while representing 52 member associations, institutions and schools in 45 countries of every continent. The IFI collectively represents over 25,000 practicing Interior Designers worldwide.

IIID was admitted to the IFI as a full member in 1995 and hosted one of the most successful IFI Congress – ‘DesignSutra’ at Mumbai in 2003. Presently the IIID has a representative on the IFI Board since 2001.