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Glass existed since the 3000 BC in Egypt and Eastern Mesopotamia. It was discovered coincidentally when calciferous sand finding its way into an overheated kiln and combining with soda to form a coloured glaze on the ceramics. The earliest man made glass item was the non-transparent glass beads; later glass vases and other item were made.

During the 16th century BC the Hallow glass making came into existence in Egypt and Mesopotamia, china and in other civilizations via merchant and sailors who traveled frequently.

In 1500 BC, Egyptian Paraoh Thoutmosis III brought glass makers as prisoners from various parts of Asia, with successful military campaign. It is believed that those glass makers has produced glass pots by dipping a core mould of compacted sand into molten glass and then turning the mould so that molten glass adhered to it. It then be decorated by rolled on slab of stone then let it cool.

Glass Blowing

In earlier 20 BC to 14 AD, The usage of glass spread across the Syrian, Italy where the ancient roman began the process of blowing glass inside moulds by using a long thin tube, by they produced variety of hallow glass items.

The Romans have contributed much to glass by their conquest and trade relationships. It was during the rule of Emperor Augustus, glass usage flourished across France, German and other European countries. It is also believed that the Romans was the first to use glass for architectural purposes, after the discovery of clear glass in Alexandria around 100 AD.

During the middle ages the glass making gradually improved. In Venice, had more expert craftsmen, who traveled to other countries to earn money. They even faced death threats if they live the country, which then was leader in glass industry.

France – Experts

It was in 1688, in France Experts developed new process of making Flat glass, mainly used in Mirrors. The process was pouring molten glass onto a special table and roll it flat, later when cooled it was polished using felt disks, then it is coated with reflective material to produce the Mirrors. French government also took many steps to promote its glass industry by placing heavy duties for glass imports and it also offered Venetian glassmakers high incentives, French nationality with tax exemption. Since then Glass makers like Saint-Gobain have been contributing for the glass constantly.

Modern Technology

Today, Innovation of new technologies in industrial revolution made glassmaker to research on new strategy in glass making which lead to produce them various special purpose glasses such as solar control glass, which can control harmful UV-ray entering the building and at the same time allowing natural lights to flow. The other special glass that came into existence where Fire protection, privacy glasses, Self cleaning glass, Thermal insulation glass etc.


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